MATH 105 - Spring 2017


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    Diagnostic (given on 1/12 for participation credit)

    Diagnostic Solutions

  Syllabus (updated — 1/12)

  Quiz Drop Policy

  Hawke’s Learning Information

    Go to:

    Section 01 (3:05pm)

   Function grapher:

   Week 1 - Read pp. xix - xxii and setup your Hawkes account and software.

     Optional Review Assignment:

     pp. 91 - 94, Chapter 1 Test: 2, 8, 10, 22, 26, 28, 30, 31, 34, 37, 41, 44, 49, 55, 57

     Read Section 1.8.

   Week 2 - Make sure you are familiar with the terminology from 1.8!

     Reading ahead (Section 2.1) before Thursday is highly recommended.

   Week 3 - Skim Section 2.1 before Tuesday.

     Skim the beginning of Section 2.2 (rates of change) before Thursday.

   Week 4 - We will be covering continuity, rates of change, and introduce the derivative and its interpretation.

     It would benefit you to read 2.2 thoroughly.

    Major Quiz 1: Key

   Week 5 - We’ll discuss the derivative as a function and rules for computing it efficiently.

     We will discuss marginal profit/cost/revenue and further interpret the derivative.

     Read: 2.3 and 2.4.

    Activity 1: Solutions

   Week 6 - We will recap marginals in business models.

     We will discuss the product and quotient rules in depth, and begin the chain rule.

   Week 7 - We will continue to work on chain rule problems, including the chain rule with other rules.

     We will begin to interpret the derivative via graphs.

     Read pages 245 to 256 before Tuesday.

    Worked chain rule problem

   Week 8 - On Tuesday we will talk about local and absolute extrema and the first derivative test.

     Thursday is Test 1.

    Test 1 Solutions

   Spring Break - Catch up on homework.

     Read 3.5.

   Week 9 - We will review the first derivative test and discuss absolute extrema.

     We will begin to think about the interpretation of higher derivatives.

    Midterm Scores

    Test 1 Grade Analysis

    In-class Activity Solutions

   Week 10 - We will discuss second derivatives, and concavity.

     Applications of the second derivative will be considered.

     Read: 4.1 by Tuesday and 4.4 by Thursday.

   Week 11 - We will finish second derivatives (with some examples and an activity).

     We will begin discussing exp and ln, and the calculus of these functions.

     If you are rusty on these functions, I would recommend reviewing.

    Quiz 3 Solutions

   Week 12 - We will flesh out the calculus of exp and ln.

     We’ll be doing some extrema problems with our new functions.

     If you are rusty, read 5.1 and 5.2.

    Quiz 4 Solutions

   Week 13 - We will do some applied calculus problem with ln and e.

     Test II is on Thursday.

    Test II study materials

    Test II Solutions

    Test 2 Grade Analysis

   Week 14 - Antiderivatives and applications.

     We will also go over Test II.

   Week 15 - Net change, area, and the FTC.

     We will learn how to evaluate definite integrals.

    Final Exam Scores (by percentage)